Quality and Environmental Policy and Objectives

1. Quality Policy:

Quality first, customer satisfaction, full participation, continuous improvement

2. Quality target:

Product production pass rate ≥97.5%

Customer satisfaction: ≥99%


3. Environment and HSF policy:

Full participation, green production, pollution prevention, open source and cost reduction, and continuous improvement.

4. Environmental objectives:

1. Discharge of waste water, waste gas and noise up to standard;

2. Hazardous solid waste is disposed according to law;

3. Prevent chemical leakage;

4. Control potential fire.

V. HSF target

The rate of customer product environmental abnormal complaints was 0. A

The company's quality, environment, HSF policy and quality, environment, and HSF goals ensure that the general manager formulates and approves the release, and publicizes it to all employee levels, with the hope that it can be implemented, understood, implemented, and applied.